Dr Valerie Lopes’ Micro Podcast

Critical Clicks Podcast

Critical Clicks: Examining the Influence of our Online Interactions is a micro podcast dedicated to exploring the many dimensions of our increasingly digital world. Hosted by Dr. Valerie Lopes, each episode of “Critical Clicks”  discusses the undercurrents of various aspects of our digital lives. The topics are wide ranging – from the potential of artificial intelligence and the ethical quagmires it presents, the complexities of internet safety and privacy, the dynamism and paradoxes of social media, and the often-unseen forces controlling our digital interactions. Critical Clicks endeavors to decode how these digital influences are shaping our society, and more importantly, our individual identities and views of the world. We will explore the inherent values and assumptions embedded within each click or digital interaction.

Meet your host

My passion for promoting digital literacy and my belief that time is one of our most valuable commodities led to the creation of this micro-podcast.  Why a micro-podcast?  Well, a micro-podcast, with episodes lasting about 5 minutes, allows for quick, focused bursts of information that doesn’t require a significant time commitment from listeners. This format offers a balance between brevity and substance, offering insights without overwhelming the listener. My goal is to spark discussions and debates and to empower listeners to make informed decisions about the digital tools and platforms they engage with while considering what’s happening behind each click.

Photo of Dr. Valerie Lopes

Valerie Lopes, BSc, MA, PhD | valerielopes.ca